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Main Fountain Garden

Main Fountain Garden

About This Garden

Nowhere else in the world is there a setting that marries fountains, theater, and garden, establishing our Main Fountain Garden as the finest performance fountain in the world. As the culmination of the legacy and vision of Pierre S. du Pont, the garden combines classic landscape design with art, innovation, technology, and extraordinary fountains.

Explore the Grotto, a new addition to the revitalized garden that offers guests a cool, quiet place to relax amid cascading water and natural stone. The Historic Pump Room & Gallery details the creation of this Garden in 1931 and the engineering behind the original fountains. Pumphouse Plaza, located outside the exhibit, is an open air meeting place with bistro-style seating and concessions (weather-permitting) in a picturesque setting.

From May through October, daily fountain performances showcase the thrill of 1,719 jets set to music. As the sun sets, infinite colors and stirring music combine in a feat so grand, you'll want to experience it for yourself.

The Main Fountain Garden fountains have been turned off for the season. Fountain performances will return May 7, 2020.

“The epic effects of the new performing fountains ... may make the observer forget the beauty and significance of the garden itself, which is one of the largest and most alluring classical revival landscapes in the country.”

—Adrian Higgins, The Washington Post

Fountain Design in the Revitalized Garden

From Farmland to Formal Landscape

Inspired by European fountains and the 1893 World Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Pierre S. du Pont designed and built his masterpiece on his country estate, bringing modern technology and classic design to former agricultural land.

Explore our Main Fountain Garden

Pierre S. du Pont used early 20th century technology to mimic the 17th & 18th century gardens he visited in Europe. See how we maintained his vision.

Explore the other-worldly Grotto at Longwood Gardens, a surprising new addition to the revitalized, 5-acre Main Fountain Garden.

Learn how our Main Fountain Garden performances were crafted in the past, and meet the technologies used to make the fountains dance today.

Hear from those at L'Observatoire International who designed our nighttime lighting of the revitalized Main Fountain Garden.