Peony Garden

This "secret" garden room derives its name from the peonies that bloom in late May and early June.

Peony Garden Gets New Look

In spring 2017, our Peony Garden received the final touches on a redesign to make the Garden even more impactful and beautiful for our guests. The transformation began last fall when the beds were redrawn to allow for more planting space and the top 24 inches of soil were replaced with a better-draining soil mix. The plant palette changed to include select peony cultivars in an inviting coral-and-pink color palette that, once established, will typically bloom in late May and early June.

In all, 177 peony plants representing seven cultivars will flourish, increasing the population of peonies in the new Garden by more than 40%. Hostas, lilies, and ornamental grasses, planted in spring, will provide summer and fall interest. Finally, the Garden’s sundial is being restored and our masons are busily refurbishing its stone base for its return to the Garden. Like all new gardens, the Peony Garden will need time to mature before it blooms to its fullest potential.

History of this Garden

The Peony Garden was designed by Thomas Church and dates back to 1976 when it was constructed on the western side of the 1908 Square Fountain. 

Bloom Highlights

Hybrid Peony

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