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Camellia House

These large, evergreen shrubs delight visitors with spectacular, brilliantly colored blooms from October through March.

We began a breeding program in the early 1960s with the goal of developing camellias that can tolerate colder winters. These efforts have led to the release of two of the hardiest Camellias—‘Longwood Centennial’ and ‘Longwood Valentine’. Research continues—currently focused on developing and ever-blooming camellia.

History of this Garden

This indoor space pays homage to the beautiful blooming camellia—one of Pierre S. du Pont’s favorite flowers and one of the first species planted in the Conservatory upon its completion in 1921. Mr. du Pont had a strong interest in camellias and began collecting them in 1912. By 1916, he was importing named cultivars from France.

Bloom Highlights

Japanese Camellia

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