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Flower Garden Walk

A spectrum of seasonal color awaits when you make your way down our 600-foot long brick walk.

The mix of flowering, foliage plants, and grasses changes with the seasons, offering fleeting moments of form, texture, rhythm, and color. The flowering season begins in April when sweeps of 125,000 tulips, daffodils, allium, foxglove, fritillaria, bluebells, and more come into bloom. Summertime brings favorite annuals combined with grasses, native perennials, and showy tropical foliage and flowers. As the days shorten, our gardeners replace out-of-season plants with fall-blooming solidago, salvia, chrysanthemums, and asters that remain in the Garden through frost.

The planting design is based on loose color blocks that progress from cool lavenders and blues at the West end to fresh pinks, reds, and oranges, and end in warm yellows and bright whites at the East end. Gray-green and burgundy foliage plants create a visual thread that weaves down the Garden’s length, drawing your eye down the central axis. Midway through, take note of the Round Fountain—Longwood’s first—and the Whispering Bench, found at the end of the Walk.

The Round Fountain runs from 9:00 am-5:00 pm daily, mid-April through mid-October.

History of this Garden

Laid out in 1907 by Pierre S. du Pont, this was Longwood’s first true flower Garden. Although his later Gardens would draw heavily on Italian and French forms, this early Garden reflected what he termed “old-fashioned” influence, with nostalgic cottage-garden flowers, rose-laden trellises, picturesque benches, a birdbath, and even a shiny “gazing ball.”

Bloom Highlights

Informal Decorative Dahlia

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