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Student Exhibition Garden

Expect the unexpected in this Garden, which is designed and maintained by students in the Professional Horticulture Program—Longwood’s collegiate-level, two-year school in professional horticulture.

This garden is now closed for the season. Please check back next spring!

The students design the Gardens each year as part of their Landscape Design and Landscape Construction courses, within given budget, theme, and design parameters. Student teams are responsible for the procurement of all plant materials and hard goods needed to carry out their garden designs, which are on display from mid-May until mid-October.

History of this Garden

The overall space that is now the Student Exhibition Garden was previously known as the Example Garden, and was initially used to mimic a backyard garden for vegetable planting. The Garden was redesigned in 2010, separating the space into four quadrants to be planned yearly by teams of Professional Horticulture students, as a way for the public to enjoy the capstone project of the second-year Professional Horticulture class.

Bloom Highlights

Virginia Sweetspire