Growing Minds

3 people in olive green shirts, smiling at the camera, each carry a planter holding six green-leaved starter plants
Carol Gross

Welcome to Unearth It! Growing Minds

Growing Minds is the second project in the Unearth It! series and focuses on helping students in grades 9–12 develop knowledge, awareness, and skills in the realms of cultural history, leadership, and horticulture through an innovative curriculum-based project. Longwood Gardens worked collaboratively with Unionville-Chadds Ford School District (Kennett Square, PA), specifically Unionville High School, to develop and pilot this project.

Why bring Growing Minds to your school?

  • Provides an exciting way to meet curriculum standards within your classroom.
  • Promotes developing and enhancing research, inquiry, and problem-solving skills using a real-life connection.
  • Links to careers in horticulture (STEM).
  • Improves Social Emotional Learning through teamwork, presentation skills and connecting to the local community.
  • Increases awareness of local history and Indigenous Peoples.

Being involved with this project is a great way for high school students to give back to both the school and the community. I felt like this project gave us a better understanding and appreciation of the local indigenous community. It felt rewarding to take part in something so different and innovative. 

–Ethan Shalaby, Unionville High School student