Grades K–5 Educator-Guided Field Trips

Three children and an educator hundling in a circle examining a plant.

Exciting Changes for Fall 2023

Beginning in fall 2023, our educator-guided and self-guided field trips are free for school groups in grades pre-K through 12 (ages 4–18).

Making our programs free ensures these programs are accessible to all, keeping with our mission of bringing joy and inspiration to everyone through the beauty of nature, conservation, and learning.

Engage in hands-on, creative learning in our Gardens with our free Plant Power, Tree-mendous Trees, and Benefits of Nature (for grades 3–5 only) field trips. 

Fall programs are offered September 18 through November 10.

Choose One of the Following Curriculum Programs

  • Grades K–2

    Plant Power

    What makes a plant a plant? And how is one plant different from another? Investigate Longwood’s living collection of plants to discover the different parts of a plant and learn about the types of pollinators attracted to them. Try a hands-on experiment to find out more about a plant’s basic need for light.

  • Grades K–2

    Tree-mendous Trees

    Discover Longwood’s tree-mendous trees! Explore and identify trees on our historic property, apply math skills to estimate the size of trees, and compare findings. Think like an arborist and observe how changes in the environment, changes in the season, and pests can affect the health of trees.

  • Grades 3–5

    Plant Power

    What’s so special about plants? For one, plants support all life on Earth. Find out more while learning how to read a plant tag, comparing differing characteristics and adaptations of plants, and discovering the native regions of plants that can be found growing around the globe.

  • Grades 3–5

    Tree-mendous Trees

    Discover Longwood’s tree-mendous trees! From deciduous to evergreens, investigate how environmental factors affect the growth of trees. Think like an arborist and examine tree rings, collect data, and compare findings that affect the health of trees. 

  • Grades 3–5

    Benefits of Nature

    Spending time in nature helps to amplify creativity, imagination, and relaxation. Students will delight in discovering new ways to experience inner happiness while outdoors as they practice mindfulness by engaging the senses and reflecting on nature.

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Pre- and Post-Activities

Explore a variety of activities to engage your students before or after your field trip.

Plan Your Visit

Longwood Grant for Title I Schools

The Longwood Grant for Title I Schools provides reimbursement of up to $500 per school bus for schools visiting the Gardens as an educator-guided or self-guided field trip. Schools that have 30% or more of the student population qualifying for the Free or Reduced Lunch Program are welcome to apply once a reservation is confirmed.

Applications must be completed and approved 3 weeks prior to your visit. Funds are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Make the Most of Your Visit

Children’s Map

Help your children navigate our Gardens with a print-ahead map designed just for them with child-friendly highlights.