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Horticulture & Gardening

Useful and practical information on the care of certain plants or specific gardening techniques will add to your knowledge, whatever your level of gardening experience.  Longwood offers the opportunity to learn directly from our gardeners and horticulturists in a unique learning environment. These courses require no prerequisites, and beginners are welcome.

Upcoming Classes

Beginning Bonsai

June 3–December 1, 2021

Fully online. Learn the care and culture of bonsai, and how to design and maintain these sculptured treasures.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Starts November 3, 2021

Onsite and online. Learn the foundations of ecological restoration and then put theory into practice.

Floral Design Basics II

August 15, 2021–February 28, 2022

Fully online. Focus on contrast, proportion, scale, and more while building your floral design skillset.

The Wild Garden, Designed

Starts January 20, 2022

Four online sessions. Learn how we might consider programming a garden for beauty and success.

Landscape Design I

Starts February 16, 2022

Fully online. Learn about design processes, traditional landscape graphics, and sustainable landscapes.

Explore More

Conferences & Symposia

Gain insights from experts during conferences and symposia at Longwood Gardens and beyond.

Our Gardens Your Home

Connect with Conifers

Discover some fun facts about conifers, then get creative with some natural materials in this fun activity for kids.

Fun With Topiaries

Discover shrubs growing in your own backyard and try your hand at creating a topiary.

The Great Ginkgo

Learn more about this fascinating tree in a photo story by Elisabeth Meyer of North Carolina State University.

All About Acer palmatum

Elisabeth Meyer of North Carolina State University shares tips on how to identify the many varieties of this amazing tree.

A Fine Vine: Clematis

Join Continuing Education instructor Jeff Jabco as he showcases the top five Clematis in the 2020 International Trial.

Wild Columbine

Learn about Aquilegia canadensis in this photo story by Elisabeth Meyer of North Carolina State University.

Perennial Quiz

Test your plant knowledge! Can you identify these common perennials?

Virtual Plant Walk

Join horticulturist Karl Gercens as he introduces you to some plants that may fit your specific garden needs.

Create a Bonsai

Our own bonsai expert Kevin Bielicki demonstrates how to create a bonsai from nursery stock.

Kokedama at Home

Learn this decorative style of potting plants in a ball of moss and displaying them in a dish or suspended in the air.