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Creative Arts

Bring out your inner artist by taking a class in the creative arts.

Focused instruction by accomplished professionals allows students of any level of experience to expand their talents and increase their skills. Choose a course in the medium you prefer, and use Longwood’s majestic landscape and extensive selection of plants and flowers as the subjects of your artistry.

Upcoming Classes

Re-Imagine Online!

Fully online. Gain a broader sense of the artistic possibilities implicit in images.

Pencil Power: Basic Drawing

6 sessions. Draw beautiful lines skillfully and achieve three simple values that result in a dimensional realistic flower or plant.

A Naturalist’s Notebook

Observe the wonders of the natural world and capture what you see and feel as you draw, paint, and write in a blank journal.

Pastels in Plein Air

4 sessions. Explore a different garden setting each week to capture its beauty en plein air.

Fearless Watercolor

6 sessions. Relax, paint, laugh, and learn in this fun class open to all skill levels.

Photo Op! 2019

Enjoy the serenity of the evening at Longwood and learn from four photographers.

Waterlilies in Oil Pastels

Using vibrant oil pastels, capture the beauty and serenity of Longwood's magnificent waterlily collection.