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Creative Arts

Bring out your inner artist by taking a class in the creative arts.

Focused instruction by accomplished professionals allows students of any level of experience to expand their talents and increase their skills. Choose a course in the medium you prefer, and use Longwood’s majestic landscape and extensive selection of plants and flowers as the subjects of your artistry.

Upcoming Classes

Sketching for Floral Designers

Starts October 4, 2021

3 online sessions. Whether you are a budding floral designer or an established professional, knowing how to graphically represent your ideas and concepts.

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Conferences & Symposia

Gain insights from experts during conferences and symposia at Longwood Gardens and beyond.

Our Gardens Your Home

Art for Nature’s Sake

Artist Natalya Zahn shares field sketching tips and coloring sheets to create your own masterpiece.

Hands-on Activities

Get off the couch and into nature with these fun activities you can do in your own backyard.


Head into your own kitchen and recreate a recipe from the du Pont family cookbook.