Grades 9–12 Virtual Field Trips

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Virtual Field Trips

With our award-winning, in-classroom Virtual Field Trips, Longwood educators deliver lessons directly into your classroom, engaging your students through video, images, hands-on activities, and more.

Choose From the Following Virtual Field Trips

  • Grades 9–12

    Careers in Horticulture

    Take a behind-the-scenes virtual look at one of the great gardens of the world and hear from the people that make it successful.

    Learn about the variety of career opportunities in horticulture and gain a better understanding of career pathways. Interact with a Longwood educator throughout the presentation and discover this professional field.

  • Grades 9–12

    Plant Survival

    Travel through both tropical and desert gardens located inside Longwood’s Conservatory virtually and examine adaptations that these amazing plants exhibit for their survival.

    Interact with an educator and explore these survival adaptations through video and images and focus on live plants during this curriculum-based lesson.

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