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Red Lion Row was originally built around the turn of the century by Pierre S. du Pont to house his employees and their families. There are 12 fully furnished duplex-style houses, each with three or four bedrooms. At any given time, there are between 20-40 students living on "The Row."

Life on The Row is very social and immersive. Available at a reduced cost, students often attend evening lectures or courses offered at Longwood. Additionally, Interns and Internationals are encouraged, and Professional Gardener students are required, to keep and maintain a garden. Many find this practice an exceptional supplement to their educational experience.


Round trip transportation to and from the United States is the responsibility of each participant. The closest airport is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, approximately 30 miles (50 kilometers) from Longwood. The bus and train stations nearest to Longwood are 12 miles away in Wilmington, Delaware. A representative from Longwood Gardens will greet you at either the Wilmington, DE train station or the Philadelphia International Airport, and bring you to Longwood Gardens. There is no public transportation to Longwood Gardens in the region.


  • Free furnished housing on the grounds of Longwood Gardens. Further details of the houses are below. This is a taxable benefit; all utilities are included except cable television. Students can purchase cable television and pay for it individually if desired.
  • Interns and Internationals receive a taxable stipend of $11.00 per hour, with a typical work week of 40 hours.
  • Professional Gardener students receive a taxable biweekly stipend of $607.76.
  • Two complimentary admission tickets for every month of work.
  • Access to the Longwood Gardens library, a great resource for research on horticulture and related topics.
  • Discounted enrollment in all Longwood Gardens Continuing Education courses and lectures.
  • Discounts in The Terrace and The GardenShop.
  • Free admittance to many local gardens and museums.

Student Garden Area

Directly south of the student houses is the student garden area. Professional Gardeners are required to keep a garden as part of their coursework. Interns and Internationals may also keep a garden if they wish. Students are responsible for the up-keep of their individual gardens and must return the plot to its original condition before leaving. Communal tools are available as well as mulch, compost, and leaf mold. A greenhouse and head house are provided for the Professional Gardeners' coursework. Any space they are not using in the greenhouse may be used by other students.


Kitchens have basic appliances such as oven, stove, and refrigerator as well as a dishwasher, microwave, and toaster. Each kitchen is equipped with dishes, silverware, and pots and pans. The Row also has a recycling and composting program.


Students will have their own private bedroom. Each bedroom comes with one twin bed, dresser, nightstand, lamp, desk, and chair. Professional Gardeners and Interns must bring their own linens, while Longwood provides linens for all Internationals. The downstairs of the houses are air conditioned. Box or window fans are a good investment for students living on The Row through the summer.

Dining Room and Computer

Dining rooms have table and chairs and two Longwood computers with hi-speed Internet access and a printer. Students may bring their own computer, and free wifi is available throughout the residence.

Living Room

Living rooms have a sofa, loveseat, chair, end table, lamp, coffee table, and television. Students may install cable television at their own expense if they wish. Telephones with local service are provided. Students are responsible for long-distance calls. We recommend a mobile phone or calling card.

Mudroom and Bathrooms

Each mudroom has a utility sink, as well as a washer and dryer. There are two full bathrooms in each house. Longwood supplies trash cans, vacuum, broom, dust pan, and mop. Other cleaning and personal supplies must be bought by the students.


Longwood Gardens offers medical insurance (does not include dental or eye care) to all Program participants (in programs nine months or longer). All international interns and trainees are required to participate in this medical insurance plan.