Certificate of Merit in Floral Design

In that spirit, we are evolving our Certificate of Merit in Floral Design program—one of the Northeast’s most respected and forward-thinking floral design programs—with new requirements and exciting content, to take effect in 2025.

Ahead of announcing the new program structure in early 2025, below are updated requirements for those that have begun the program and are interested in completing the Certificate of Merit in Floral Design course requirements and taking the Certificate exam in 2024:

  • Floral Design 1 Online
  • Floral Design 2 Online
  • Floral Design 3 Online
  • A minimum of two qualifying floral design electives
  • Floral Design Certificate Exam (to be offered later in 2024); students are eligible to take the exam after the above requirements have been met.

If you have questions regarding courses you’ve completed or your eligibility to take the Certificate of Merit exam, please contact the Continuing Education Office: continuingeducation@longwoodgardens.org.

Please note: Upon completion, only our online synchronous and in-person floral design classes include credits toward our Certificate of Merit program; Certificate of Merit program credits are not granted as part of our self-paced floral design classes (unless otherwise stated).

Frequently Asked Questions