Certificate of Merit in Floral Design

Same comprehensive content … new names!

We’re changing—and streamlining—our floral design course names to better communicate all of our floral design options available to you. Please refer to the below chart for those new class names. All credits received for classes taken under previous names are still valid and all course content remains the same. Students must take Floral Design 1 as a prerequisite for Floral Design 2, 3, and 4. Floral Design 2, 3, and 4 may be taken in any order. 

Please note: Upon completion, only our online synchronous and in-person floral design classes include credits toward our Certificate of Merit program; Certificate of Merit program credits are not granted as part of our self-paced floral design classes.

New Class Name Previous Class Name

Includes Certificate of Merit credits

upon completion

Floral Design 1 In-Person Basics of Floral Design I Y
Floral Design 1 Online Introduction to Floral Design I Y
Floral Design 1 Self-Paced Floral Design Basics I N
Floral Design 2 In-Person Basics of Floral Design II Y
Floral Design 2 Online Introduction to Floral Design II Y
Floral Design 2 Self-Paced Floral Design Basics II N
Floral Design 3 In-Person Advanced Floral Design I Y
Floral Design 3 Online Advanced Floral Design I Online Y
Floral Design 3 Self-Paced Advanced Floral Design I Self-Paced N
Floral Design 4 In-Person Advanced Floral Design II Y

Coming soon!

Floral Design 4 Online

n/a Y

Coming soon!

Floral Design 4 Self-Paced

n/a N


Core Courses

  • Floral Design 1 (Begin the Certificate of Merit program with Floral Design I. Other core courses may be taken in any order, in any time period.)
  • Floral Design 2
  • Floral Design 3
  • Floral Design 4
  • Introduction to Ikebana
  • Floral Design Lecture


Minimum of seven credits

  • A selection of elective courses will be offered every year. These offerings are subject to change from year to year. Each elective is one credit unless otherwise noted.

Floral Design Certificate Exam

  • Students are eligible to take the certificate exam after all requirements have been met.

Completion of Certificate

Each year, Longwood celebrates the accomplishment of our graduates! If you have completed the requirements for one of our Certificates of Merit and would like to check your eligibility for graduation, please use the Certificate of Merit Student Tracking Sheet or call the Continuing Education Office: 610.388.5454. If you are eligible to graduate, please send your completed tracking sheet to the Continuing Education Office or email to continuingeducation@longwoodgardens.org. Confirmed candidates will receive detailed information in the fall.