Grades 6-8

Registration for Fall 2022 programs opens August 10, 2022.

Plant Power

How do plants survive in different climates around the world? Discover the secrets of some strange plant adaptations and travel through our Gardens to learn about factors that affect plant growth and survival.

Finding Your Path

What’s it like to work in a public garden? Acting as a potential staff member, complete an assigned task and use effective communication skills to participate in a mock interview for a future career. Explore your interests and the rewarding careers that exist in horticulture.

Benefits of Nature

Get inspired by nature and learn how to deal with stress in a healthy way. Disconnect from technology while exploring activities like nature journaling to help improve overall well-being through stress reduction. Gather tips and tricks that can be used anywhere to promote good mental health.

Looking for a modified program to fit your students’ needs? Register for our K-12 Adapted Program.

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