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Central to the mission of the Fellows Program is leader education. Fellows have ample opportunity to develop and refine their leadership skills throughout the 13-month Program and are exposed to thought leaders and content—spanning topics from behavioral economics and strategic planning to talent management and the history of public spaces.

The Program is segmented into three phases; the general focus of each is outlined below.

A chart showing details of the three phases of the program

Fellows begin their experience by participating in an introspective onboarding process that affords them the opportunity to become more fully aware of their own strengths and development areas. This initial phase allows Fellows to get acquainted with one another and establish cohort norms and expectations. Fellows will also be immersed in the culture of Longwood Gardens and other regional public horticulture organizations.

During the second phase, Fellows complete the majority of their coursework, participate in a mentoring program, and attend both formal and informal salon discussions hosted by regional public horticulture organizations. Phase 3 sees the Fellows off on their two-month field placement assignment, completing and presenting their project, and graduating from the program. Refer to the Program-at-a-Glance for more specific information.

There are four primary Program components that span the three phases:

Program Content

Cohort Project

Field Placement