Grades 3-5

a child looks through binoculars into the meadow as another child looks on

Plant Power

What’s so special about plants? Put on your plant explorer hat and navigate the world of plants. Learn about the life cycle of plants and their ability to adapt, and witness the tremendous diversity of plants from around the world.

Tree-mendous Trees

Discover Longwood’s tree-mendous trees! From deciduous to evergreens, investigate how environmental factors affect the growth of trees. Think like an arborist as you examine tree rings, collect data, and compare findings that affect the health of trees.

Finding Your Path

Who works in a public garden? Inspire the next generation of horticulturists by exploring our Gardens in an interactive experience. Apply classroom knowledge to solve common garden tasks, practice teamwork skills, and discover hidden interests that could lead to a future career in the green industry.

Looking for a modified program to fit your students’ needs? Find out more about our K-12 Adapted Program.

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